Assignment 1 – photos


PA02533w Image1: This image shows the fishermen and women.


PA02857w Image 2: Here I was looking at people from further away then usual, feeling particularly disconnected from the local community but wanting to be around people too.

PA02859w Image 3: These couples were just walking back from being close to the sea.

PA02864w Image 4: There are always lots of motorbikes on the beach, and they love being the focus when I am shooting, the closest I got to people during the various shoots I did.

PA02916w Image 5: These sandcastles were a great subject, and I liked the slightly odd angle this one was at, the sandcastle almost forms a barrier between myself and the community.

PA02945w Image 6: A runner I see regularly on the beach, and a boy. We are all disconnected in this image.

PA02949w Image 7: A couple enjoying  sunset.

PA03004w Image 8: One of the regular buffaloes, and people in the background.

PA03011w Image 9: A group of children play on the beach, there was no adult in sight.

PA03078w Image 10: A spectacular sunset, and my nearest companion.


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