Assignment 1 Planning


Before looking at the assignment, we were advised to read ‘The Photographic Brief’ in Short, M. (2011) Creative photography: context and narrative. This was an interesting insight into different kinds of briefs and starts with a quote mentioning that we need to have an affinity to what we are photographing. There is advice for responding to a student brief, which I will follow as I start to brainstorm my thoughts. We also need to clarify our learning aims and have a personal connection to the subject. The brief asks us to produce a small photo essay of 10 images that demonstrates our engagement with the lives, experiences and histories of my local community and its people. I need to decide on a single theme, topic or activity. 

My initial thoughts are looking at outdoor activities where I live as that is the main way I interact with those in my neighbourhood,  I rarely visit the restaurants and shops. I go to the beach a lot and am wondering if I should do something around that. I hardly speak to anyone living here, so this is going to be a challenge! I need to find out more about what is going on here. 


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